The 12 Gifts of YA, #10: stories


photo of Jake and Elwood Blues

Jake and Elwood Blues, the Sausage Kings of Chicago
(oops, that’s another favorite story)
(but I’m sure that sign isn’t an accident)

OK, raise your hand if you like stories.  See?  All of you.

I became an English major  because I liked to read (a fiscally irresponsible/dumb reason to choose a major). I haven’t made a lot of cash at it, but I get to read stories and teach stories as part of my JOB.  How fantastic is that?  Stories are my JOB.  And now I get to write them.  It’s kind of like winning the nerd lottery.

I have come to believe that humans need stories like we need water.  Think about how we surround ourselves with them, on every kind of device and screen (and some of us still love a paper page).  And, of course, some of them we cherish over others—we read/watch/listen to them over and over again. I secretly think that’s why I write:  I want my book to be someone else’s cherished story.  I want someone to think, “this book kicks ass.  I need this story in my life forever.”

See that story up there?  I discovered that film in high school, with my first friend (my brother) and his buddy, and I haven’t let go of it yet.  Why is The Blues Brothers one of my cherished stories?  1) It’s full of music; 2) it’s hilarious and random; 3) it was a gift from my bro.  I’ll love it until I die.

How about you?  What stories are gifts to you?

Come back next week for the final two gifts of the series!

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2 Responses to The 12 Gifts of YA, #10: stories

  1. Yolanda Rivera says:

    I love the Harry potter series and the first book i ever got was Harry potter and the chamber of secrets It was a gift to me from my grandmother. Well kind of because she took it from a sleeping man next to her on the plane, but it still counts as a gift

  2. kirstincm says:

    I hope the man wasn’t looking for it when he woke up! HP is one of my favorite stories! : ) What a wonderful gift.

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