Gratitude post #5a: more Sesame

I am sorry, but I just cannot resist. In 10 years, you’ll get the same things–provided we have blogs, of course. But seriously, this show was all we had, and it gets stuck in your head. Like STUCK.

“Some and none”–not the best quality, but still hilarious and wonderful.

“Fat cat sat hat”–same monster dude, but better quality and maybe even sillier.

And seriously, how could I forget this one? “Mah na mah na”! A different version than I remember, but it still works.

One for my brother Chris: “Ladybug’s Picnic”. “Imagining shapes,” in the first post, is for my other brother, Kjell, who is a square. He will come after me if he ever reads that statement. But also for Kjell: “Everybody Eats” and “Everybody Sleeps.”

One for my dad: “The Alligator King”

One for my son: “Put Down the Duckie”

And one more for all you opera fans: “Orange Carmen.”

You are kind to indulge me.

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