Tuesday travels: barnstorming NE trip

Dun dun DUN! Morgan is revisiting the scenes of her crimes this week while I visit my hometown high school, a neighboring high school, and the high school of my favorite teacher. If anyone’s interested, there are also book stores involved, to wit:

Thursday, October 15: Strawberry Patch, Cozad, NE: 3-5

Saturday, October 17: The Bookworm, Countryside Village Shopping Center (87th & Pacific), Omaha, 11 a.m.

I’d love to see you, and I’d actually tip over if you came up to me and said “gee, I saw the post on your blog, and so I’m here to meet you!” Anybody who does that gets a FREE BOOK!

Friday’s post will be on the fly (har har, no pun intended), because there are no internet cafes in Western Nebraska (if there are no Targets, do you think there’d be internet cafes?) and my dad’s dial-up service is unreliable.

Off to pilot the barnstorming biplane. Seeya!

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