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Hello! This is not a blog post. This is a declaration of no more blog posts. Welcome!

Nine years ago today (May 1), I found out SKY was going to be a Flux book. Suffice it to say (cheesy but true) my life changed that day. Writing young adult novels has been one of the best, hardest, … Continue reading

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Gabe’s words/my words: losing Prince (1958-2016)

(This series of Prince photos–at maybe 19?–are complete treasures. Look them up.) The first time I heard a Prince song, I was 14, and it was probably “1999.”  But the one that hit me most was “Little Red Corvette.”  I … Continue reading

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#MyWritingProcess blog tour

Friends!  This week I’m participating in the #MyWritingProcess blog tour, and my friend and fellow writing group member Rachael Hanel got me involved in it.  Thank you, Rachael!  Side note:  if you haven’t read We’ll Be The Last Ones To … Continue reading

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Virtual reading to celebrate the Lambda Literary Awards–please join us!

Four Minnesota authors who are finalists for the national Lambda Literary Award will be holding their local reading online using Google Hangout’s On Air feature. Readers can tune in from anywhere in the world and attend this live event or … Continue reading

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Passion: necessary or stupid?

(When I Googled images for this post, all the interwebz coughed up was sexytime stuff.  This post is not about sexytime.) So.  A person is bopping along, jamming out to life, feeling passionate, doing passionate things, assuming all is well, … Continue reading

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Book trailer!

These are the days I like the most–right before the book comes out.  Some people know about it and are passing it around, some people are just finding out, some people are already loving it, and some people have yet … Continue reading

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Dear John Irving–I have questions

Hi, Mr. Irving: I need to ask you a few things about IN ONE PERSON, your latest novel.  I’m only 40% done, and I know you are a superstar and I am not, but I have issues.  I have a … Continue reading

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My cover!

Oh my heck, this book is really going to happen.  I have a cover!  Flux artists, your work is crazy amazing.  You did it with SKY, and you’ve done it again with this one.  THANK YOU. October can’t come soon … Continue reading

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My 2012 writing resolutions

Today is my birthday–yay for me! I love having a birthday so close to the end of the year, because I get double the new beginnings, and double the chance to make resolutions. I’ve made a few for 2012, but … Continue reading

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Me and the Fail Whale

In an online group I belong to, several writers are sharing their awesome fan mail–such sweet, kind, funny e-mails! It’s so fun to write for middle-schoolers/teens, because their comments to authors are hilarious and frank and perfect. Confession: I haven’t … Continue reading

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