Friday fun: character names

In whatever I’m writing, characters are always driving the bus. If I don’t have a handle on my character, nothing goes very far. Names are one of the ways I get in touch with my character–a name says a lot, of course. Mystery Manuscript (my work in progress, hereafter referred to as MM or WIP) has two alternating points of view/characters, and both are named, but one character is proving veeeery elusive right now. It’s making things hard.

In the interest of learning more about YOUR favorite characters, I thought I’d post a couple of my favorite character names.

Minty Fresh–a side character in two of Christopher Moore’s books, COYOTE BLUE and A DIRTY JOB, one of my fave books of ever. He’s not what you’d think.

Stanley Yelnats–probably the best character name ever, because it’s so simple but so clever, from Louis Sachar’s HOLES. Stanley’s one dedicated kid.

Dwight Schrute–from THE OFFICE–I’m not sure why, but his name just sums him up for me.

Furious Styles–Laurence Fishburne’s character from BOYS N THE HOOD, John Singleton’s 1991 debut film. If you haven’t seen it, get thee to your Netflix queue! It’s incredible (and there are heaps of stars in it).

So who are *your* favorite charcters?

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