The 12 Gifts of YA, #2: randomness

crispy hexagons cereal

most literal cereal name ever

Randomness = the gift that keeps on giving.  I’m curious by nature, so I pay attention to random stuff, but I also love it because “randomness” is generally another word for “hilariousness.”  It’s also a huge bonus for what I write: teenagers, by nature, are random as hell, so transferring all my favorite random things into my books makes perfect sense.

Some of my favorite randoms in my own stuff:  how Morgan yells in SKY; the chapter titles in BEAUTIFUL MUSIC; the dinosaurs roaming through one of my WIPs; and the character name “Uncle Epic” in another WIP.  Some of my favorite randoms in kidlit:  the name Stanley Yelnats in HOLES; the talking pagoda in PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ; and the game “That Guy is a Gigolo” in PAPER TOWNS.

How about you?  Say something random in the comments, or something about randomness.  Your comment may randomly win you some books!

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2 Responses to The 12 Gifts of YA, #2: randomness

  1. Emily Heinis says:

    Friday night on MPR they ended a segment “randomly” by talking about the word itself. They played a comedian’s bit about the “misuse” of the word random (“Oh my god, we went to this totally random party!” Really? Was it random? Did you throw a dart at a map and show up at an address and BOOM they happened to be having a party?), then they interviewed a guy from OED, who said the colloquial use of random as meaning weird, etc. is now in the dictionary. They went on about the origins of the word as well. I enjoyed it 🙂

    P.S. ALSO on MPR, yesterday during The Daily Circuit, Kerri Miller spent the 10 o’ clock hour talking YA lit.

  2. kirstincm says:

    I heard about the Kerri Miller hour–will have to check it out. Love the comedian–that party bit is hilarious. And isn’t it random (to use the word colloquially) that people even pay attention to the OED in the 21st century? There’s something really beautiful about that. : )

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