The 12 Gifts of YA, #6: book peeps

publicity folks at flux

Welcome to a new week of the 12 Gifts!

I seriously cannot rave enough about the people at Flux–I have been *so* privileged to work with them.  My editor is amazing (he’s also an award-winning writer), my cover designer is amazing  (an artist in her own right, and if you want to see other versions of BEAUTIFUL MUSIC covers, look here, and check out all the other covers of your favorite YA books!), my copy editors are amazing, my publicity folks are amazing, on and on . . . it’s  a writer’s dream.  I am extra-blessed to be in the same state with them, because I get to know them in person!  See those folks up there?  That’s the Flux/Llewellyn publicity team in their goofy mode (with me joining right in, of course).  I know them all by name, and I have hugged them.  We have hung out.  Not many people can say that about the people at their publishing house.

All of my Flux love aside, I think book peeps as a whole are pretty dang great.  Again, I can’t name all my favorite book peeps because the post would be too long (though I always give a shout-out to my agent Amy Tipton, cuz she is badass). From bloggers to editors to agents to publishers, the book world is a great place to mingle and learn stuff (and we can’t forget organizational book friends, like SCBWI folks, or MnSCBWI folks, or CLN and TLN folks).   Besides that, writers wouldn’t get very far without book peeps.  All our novels would languish inside our computers, wishing to be set free.  The book peeps make it happen.  Thank you, book peeps.

Thoughts from you about the people who make the books we love so much?  Leave a comment, so you might win some of those beautiful books!

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4 Responses to The 12 Gifts of YA, #6: book peeps

  1. Beth Amos says:

    Having great mentors at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis has been a huge help to my writing career. And I would be nowhere if it wasn’t for the love and support of my family. All of whom make it possible for me to chase my dream.

    • kirstincm says:

      Oh man, I forgot The Loft! Crap. Yes, they are wonderful stewards of the book. And I’m glad you have great support and love from your family. That helps a lot! : )

  2. Yolanda Rivera says:

    Without the people that write and help make books life would be sooooo boring. Books aare like a getaway from the real world

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