Week’s worth of blog posts #3: no talking

What happens when you don’t *want* to talk anymore? I’d like to grow up and be a library: no talking inside me. Of course, nobody listens to that old rule anymore, but I’d shake my walls and books and *make* people listen. Pretty funny image, a library that shakes.

I used to talk alllllll the time. Then I moved to more listening. Now I just want to be silent and listen full-time. Not good for a teacher or writer, is it? I’d be fired.

How does one write silence into a blog post?

This blog is an attempt.

Off to say more things. Reluctantly.

(yes, I know–bad attitude. but it’s what I want today.)

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4 Responses to Week’s worth of blog posts #3: no talking

  1. Jae Vincent says:

    I love that sweatshirt and I want it. I used to talk all the time, but don't anymore. I don't listen well either because my ears don't work so well.

    Is it okay if you talk to yourself a lot (I mean a lot) and hear yourself answer a lot? So much so that when someone else talks it seems rude that they've interrupted your loud silence?

  2. You've got to hate it when someone interrupts your silence. : ( And yeah, I think it's good to talk to yourself.

  3. Aya adel says:

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