The 12 Gifts of YA, #12: joy

a gold record

BEAUTIFUL MUSIC hits it big!

See this gold record?  It’s BEAUTIFUL MUSIC FOR UGLY CHILDREN and my Sisters In Ink (my writing group) gave it to me.  Know what I felt when I opened this gift?  Pure joy.


british fans outside a book store with HP 7

See those Harry Potter fans?  That’s joy they’re holding in their hands.  Nothing else you could call it.

Maybe it’s cheesy to say, but writing is joyous to me, as are the people that come with writing (imaginary ones, librarians, readers, colleagues, etc., see also the rest of the 12 Gifts).  It’s my own way to make magic.  Yeah, it’s hard, and the book biz is hard, but it’s still my ideal job, and it’s exciting and new every day.  If I had a better descriptor than “joyous,” I’d use it, but I don’t.  Joy is the bedrock of all 12 Gifts, and joy needs to be celebrated.

Happy holidays, friends. Thanks for doing your part to help me enjoy the 12 Gifts of YA.  What makes *you* joyous? Leave one last comment for a chance to win some books–I’ve got a lot to share. Winners, you will hear from me!

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6 Responses to The 12 Gifts of YA, #12: joy

  1. Kjell Cronn says:

    Love you, Skizziks!


  2. Marie says:

    Books make me joyous. Reading books take me to places I’ve never been before and places I wish I can go to. It escapes me from reality and allows me to be somewhere else for a short period of time. ^^

  3. Yolanda Rivera says:

    something that makes me joyous is music! :-) its what makes the world a happy place

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