The 12 Gifts of YA, #3: other kidlit writers


gathering of teen lit writers in the Twin Cities

Oh friends–this is one of the most awesome gifts of all.  Do you know how many cool people write kidlit?  No, you do not, but I am telling you, there are *so many cool people* who do!  And I have met some of them, from all across the country.  This post would be a mile long if I listed all the cool people I know who write fiction and nonfiction for kids (all ages), so I’ll be non-specific.  But–wow.  Let me say it again–so many cool people.

I am particularly lucky to live in MN, where we have a crap-ton of kidlit writers who are GOOD, including National-Book-Award-winning good (our own Will Alexander!).  But also just really good, and they are kind enough to include me in their circle.  That photo is from a Teen Literature Network event about a month ago in the Twin Cities, and that’s just a few of us who write YA.  There are heaps more kidlit writers around here.

I always feel like a dork when I’m with them, because of all the things they know, but they are kind, and they help me learn.  And kidlit writers do good things in the world.  For instance, folks put together YA for NJ, a fundraiser to help the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.  I didn’t manage to get my act together in time to participate, but you should GO AND BID–auctions end December 7 (which is FRIDAY.  So much stuff from so many awesome writers–get it while you can!

Best writers ever, right?  Sing their praises and leave a thought.  You want a chance to win some books!

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  1. Beth Amos says:

    I love working with other YA writers because they speak my language.

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