Book trailer!

These are the days I like the most–right before the book comes out.  Some people know about it and are passing it around, some people are just finding out, some people are already loving it, and some people have yet to see it.  I love the mystery of seeing what happens next and where it will go.  SKY was read on six of seven continents–or at least was sent to/arrived on six of seven continents.  Will BMUC follow the same path?  I hope so, though I’d love it to go to Antarctica, too (the missing continent in SKY’s journey).  I’d bet everybody’s book does this, goes around the world, so maybe it’s not a big deal.  It still feels big to me.  And–for someone who never thought she’d publish a novel–this whole journey is still miraculous and new, even in the second go-around.

A trailer is probably my favorite part of spreading the book news–it’s the one-minute worth-a-thousand-words picture (and song) that will intrigue and entice in a twenty-first century way (as opposed to the 15th century way, though I thank you Mr. Gutenberg for allowing books to be made so easily).  Now go, little film, and do your job.  Bring those curious people to BEAUTIFUL MUSIC.

Trailer made by the talented Madison Meyer of M2 Productions–thanks, Madison.  You’re awesome!

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3 Responses to Book trailer!

  1. Cindy Cronn says:

    Hooray… Am sending the link to librarian at the school I subbed at today…we were just talking about you.

  2. Andrea Frantz says:

    How do I get my hands on it NOW??

  3. Alexa says:

    It’s gorgeous. I really can’t wait for the book!

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