early post: gratitude, of course

I wrote a post. It was too deep and convoluted. I scratched it.

Since I won’t be near a computer this weekend, here are some things I am grateful for. There are only a zillion more, so it’s just a sampling. I like living in gratitude, not that I succeed all the time, but I try. You waste less time plotting people’s demises.

So, here goes:

1) the traditionals: health, family, friends, job (I’d like less of the job, please)

2) pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread/muffins, pumpkin pie Blizzards from DQ, and pumpkin malts from Culver’s

3) books–they save me, help me, amuse me, annoy me, and make my life whole

4) the women in this photo–all 2009 Debs–and the diversity of thought and experience they brought me during our YALSA weekend this month

5) #4 repeated again and again, related to all my writer friends and acquaintances. I heart writers a million times over.

6) the TaTas, my writing group, who deserve awards for how good they make my writing

7) Flux, my publisher–awesome and extraordinary

8) my agent, Amy Tipton–also awesome and extraordinary

9) lemon water (do I always mention this? I think so)

10) my students, who give me amazing character ideas and make me laugh

Happy Thanksgiving, American friends. I’m grateful for you, of course.

In the photo, l to r in back: Neesha Meminger, me, Malinda Lo, Megan Frazer. In front, Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich, Cynthea Liu, Lauren Bjorkman. We had a ton of fun!

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