Hello! This is not a blog post. This is a declaration of no more blog posts. Welcome!

a woman wearing a t-shirt with the poet Walt Whitman on it

Uncle Walt and I are tight. This post is my final blog yawp.

Nine years ago today (May 1), I found out SKY was going to be a Flux book. Suffice it to say (cheesy but true) my life changed that day. Writing young adult novels has been one of the best, hardest, most confusing, most stressful, and most incredible journeys in my life. I never take it for granted.

BUT. I am not so great at social media as a whole, and I suck at remembering to blog (as in, I forgot for 8-ish months). And really, aren’t there enough opinions floating around out there? If you’re dying to hear from me, find me on Facebook or Twitter. I don’t talk a lot, but I’m there. If you have a burning question for me, feel free to email me at kirstin.cronnmills (at) gmail.com.

a photo of a pink and blue sunrise in Minnesota

A sunrise earlier this spring, from a dog walk.

If you came here looking to get some insight into me, here you go: I teach, write books, take walks with my dog, and love the people in my life. I believe deeply in equity and justice for all human beings, and I do something to forward that belief every day. My ultimate goal in life is to create the Fab Farm, a place for LGBTQIA+ youth to have a safe space with cuddlestock, pond fishing, and nature, and a place for grown-ups to learn more about how to be better LGBTQIA+ advocates. We will have goat yoga, chickens, and all sorts of groovy creatures (if I could, I’d have a zookeeper permit so I could have a herd of elephants). It will be epic. I believe in Mother Nature, animals, and the earth, along with the healing powers of each, and I believe the vibe we carry is hugely important—energy is everything (if you’d like to know more about my energy life, email me).

A woman wearing a t-shirt that says "Y'all means all."

Another t-shirt that fits my life, especially since I say “y’all” a lot.

I write books for and about people who society considers quirky outsiders, in a lot of different ways. I totally understand being a misfit (having been one for quite a long time now), so they are not outsiders to me–they are my people. : ) If I have a “brand” (not fond of that word), it’s that I write about outsiders and misfits. Honestly, my brand is being kind to others, especially outsiders, so ultimately my brand is quirky weird kindness for quirky weird misfit kids who don’t get much of it.

What are my books about? Teenagers in unique situations, who do unique things. Each main character has a way to use their voice in the world that’s unusual (shouting/leaving messages everywhere; music/radio show; art; photography). Each main character has an older (though sometimes not much older) adult friend or mentor. Each character is slightly weird (or circumstances make them weird, which is what happens in my latest WIP), and somehow comes to value that weirdness.

Is any of this a thing? I dunno. But it’s me, and it’s my brand.

a partial barn wall with two cat faces peering over the edge

Someday I will have a farm with a rabbit hutch and two high-up barn cats.

Welcome to my website and my relatively tiny social media presence.  No YA author can say how much it matters to hear from readers, librarians, and teachers—it’s truly the most important thing in our careers—so the fact that you sought me out means the world to me. Thanks for taking time to visit. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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