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coffee cup that says "write like a motherfucker"

Love this mug, rude or not.

Until someone brings it up, I forget there are pieces of my work scattered in the nooks and crannies of the interwebs.  The last time someone said, “Hey, I read your piece on X’s site,” I decided I should collect a few of those links, at least the ones I’m most proud of.

I wrote a short story in verse for the Young Adult Review Network (YARN) called “Header.”   It’s a brother-sister tale, and it’s dark—I wrote it to recognize my brother’s 7th anniversary of his brain tumor diagnosis—but I like how it turned out.

I also wrote a short piece about my struggle not to be a bad plot point to help launch Geoff Herbach’s book I’M WITH STUPID.  I <3 Geoff a heap and a ton, and his latest books cover three incarnations of one funky teenage boy, Felton Reinstein (who I want to adopt).

I’ve also done some writings specifically around BEAUTIFUL MUSIC.  If you want to know whether it was OK for a privileged cisgender woman to write about a young trans* man, check this post on Malinda Lo’s website.  If you don’t know Malinda, you should.  She’s pretty damn smart (and she’s an awesome fantasy writer).

If you want to know what I think about being an ally, and what I said during National Coming Out Month, check out this post on Owldolatrous.

If you want to know more about my love of music (and how it relates to BEAUTIFUL MUSIC), you can check the post at The Book Lantern, and for more on how I chose the songs in the book, look at the post on Booksnob.

Shifting gears again, if you want to read the epilogue to SKY (a short story), check out the anthology THE FIRST TIME, available on Nook and Kindle.  I really like this one, even though it dropped through the world into oblivion.  I love what Morgan does in the story, and I love how the relationship changes between her and Tessa.

AND—finally—if you want to buy that coffee mug up there, look here.  It comes from an essay by Cheryl Strayed that she wrote for her “Dear Sugar” column at The Rumpus.  Good advice all around.

Whew.  Enough links.

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