Welcome to my new website!

Hello, friends!

Welcome to my new website–new year, new book, new website, right?  My old web site (which worked just fine for a while) was the DIY equivalent of a 70s dirt bike with a banana seat.  This one is much more like my Trek fitness bike that patiently waits in my garage for spring weather.

To me, the site is fun–and a little bit funky, with its sideways navigation–and it has poetry on it (!).  That’s a bit of a coming out for me, since I don’t mention it often, and I feel all rusty.  : ( We’ll see what happens with that.

In any case–welcome!–look around.  Enjoy.  Watch this space for new stuff.  And be ready for the return of OUTLAW BOOTS on Friday!  This week’s guest–someone who writes books that aren’t contemporary realism!  I’m branching out.

a black and white photo of Kirstin Cronn-Mills

New author photo from the Kasota Prairie, north of Mankato.  Love it there.

Site designed by Peter Johnson at Web Explorations with art by Scott Rahe, both  Mankato peeps.  Shop local!



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  2. Cindy Woosley McKibben says:

    I want to congratulate you on a beautiful web sit and a first book–Sky–which I very much enjoyed on so many levels. Being your 2nd cousin and knowing a little about your background was an added interest, as was seeing Elza and Kjell listed as character consults. In showing the cover on my Nook to my mother–your mother’s Aunt Joanne, (who doesn’t communicate very much these days) she beamed and said, “That’s wonderful!” Am looking forward to your new book!! You have made us all very proud!!

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