the smallest freaking random world you can imagine

When you’re from Nebraska, you expect “small world” stories all the time. There’s one degree of separation between people–two, max–but sometimes the degree is so close and unexpected that it knocks you out.

This morning I called my hometown to do some business for my dad, and the woman I talked to was nobody I knew–DUN DUN DUNNNN–or so I thought! I still don’t know her, but it turns out she was a student of and mentored by the real Elsie Yvonne Callahan, Morgan’s grandma in SKY. My actual grandma, the music teacher/piano virtuoso, who taught an hour west of my hometown before she retired.

This woman said the kindest, sweetest things about Elsie, and what an amazing gift for a Friday morning. And SO random and cool. A convo about clown cars? Or migrating snakes? More expected than this conversation.

Then, the person who answers my next phone call is a woman I babysat for when I was 11, and haven’t talked to since then, who asked me kind questions about my family.

There is no place like Nebraska. I love it.

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  1. Bridge Marie says:

    I love small world stories. We get a lot in my small town, too, but my favorite happened to me here, studying abroad across the Atlantic. I got talking with a girl from Canada and discovered she's friends with one of my best friend's friends. I mean, okay, that's a lot of degrees of separation, but it was still pretty awesome to know I have people in common with some random person in the Netherlands.

    (Also, hi, you probably don't remember me, but I emailed a while ago asking for advice on publishing. Thanks for being so helpful! I went right back to editting and I've been following QS and now I started this (really elementary) blog. Thanks for introducing me to this part of the blogging world!)

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