Knock me over with a feather

You’ll never guess what I found in the Central Nowhere paper. I had to read it three times to make sure I had the genders correct:

“Mark Edward Becker and Cody Bill Shafer McKiddie, both of Denver, Colorado, are pleased to announce their engagement and upcoming wedding ceremony.

Mark, 29, is . . . Cody, 31, is . . . He is [also] an Iraq War veteran with 10 years of service as Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force. He has served 1 tour in the Middle East and 2 in South Korea. The wedding will take place July 31st, 2010, in Council Bluffs, Iowa.”

Mark is originally from Central Nowhere! And, double bonus: the other groom is a gay man in the military.

Why does this matter to me? Maybe, if she still was a teenager there, the real Tessa could be out today, and not have to hide herself with fake boyfriends. Maybe she could bring a girlfriend to the prom, and not have to deal with what Constance went through. I highly doubt it–one wedding announcement does not a gay pride festival make–but you never know.

For me, it boils down to this: if this announcement is in my hometown paper, there’s hope in the world. Though I hope they don’t choose this cake topper.

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  1. Bridge Marie says:

    Well, every little bit of progress is progress. Nice story.

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