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Pride post/rant post

Here are some things that PISS ME OFF: 1) abuse of power2) abuse of power3) abuse of power Also: 4) discrimination, which is abuse of power, and 5) violence, which is also abuse of power You get where I’m going … Continue reading

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Outlaw Boots, pair #8: Geoff Herbach

Friends, meet Geoff Herbach. I made his acquaintance in April, and I was thrilled–I had no idea we had another YA writer in the community (he teaches at the local four-year). He is a cool dude, so I liked him … Continue reading

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Anthology cover!

So, friends–here’s the cover of the Debs 09 anthology, out as an e-book later in the year. Look at the author list! Some seriously amazing writers. I feel very blessed to be included. I also want a dress like this, … Continue reading

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Outlaw Boots, Special Edition: Girl with Fuzzy Yellow Slippers

Please know this is not a slam. It is an observation. I am currently listening to a NYT-bestselling YA (movie rights optioned, I just read), and I’m out of my depth. Good writing, some interesting action, but so far, this … Continue reading

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