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For me, place is like a vine growing up through my life–the foliage is thick and it’s always a tangle, but it’s lush and constant, with the taproot anchored deep inside me. Other places can branch off the vine, but … Continue reading

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Pick up the joy

An actual phone conversation, me in Minnesota, other voice 485 mile away in NE: Kirstin: Hi, my name is Kirstin, and I’d like an estimate on a whole-house cleaning plus carpet cleaning [for my dad’s place, after his auction]. woman … Continue reading

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Diversity in YA Fiction–smart people doing smart things

Malinda Lo is really smart, and she’s an elegant writer besides. She and Cindy Pon, another brilliant YA writer, will launch the Diversity in YA Fiction tour tomorrow in San Francisco. What are they doing, exactly? Talking about how diversity … Continue reading

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