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Outlaw Boots, pair #6: Rebecca Fjelland Davis

Friends! You really must read CHASING ALLIECAT. If you are a fan of mysteries or sports (in this case, competitive biking) or *strong* character voices, this book is for you. The action is swift, the love triangle is sweet, and … Continue reading

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Legacies and book giveaways–L. K. Madigan

Friends, this is L.K. Madigan, fellow Debs 09 Feast of Awesome member, and she is someone who could use your help right now. Lisa’s a YA writer with some fantastic books, namely FLASH BURNOUT and THE MERMAID’S MIRROR. Right now, … Continue reading

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So many worlds, so little time

I was raised to be curious: a humongous blessing and a curse worse than Avada Kedavra. It leads to things like “I need to grade these HEY IT’S THE GUY WHO DIDN’T SPEAK FOR TWENTY YEARS WONDER HOW HE DID … Continue reading

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Mysteries, races, chainsaws: CHASING ALLIECAT

I am biased beyond belief–friends are in this trailer, friends made this trailer, and it was written by a Sister in Ink–but seriously, friends, you must read CHASING ALLIECAT. It’s a wonderful mystery, and there are *incredible* bike racing scenes … Continue reading

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An Outlaw with no Boots

Who needs boots when you are an EAGLE, damn it, and a MO FO BADASS OUTLAW besides? I want this guy on my side. Thank you, Courtney Summers, for the reminder. Haters gonna hate, but we just keep writing.

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